Digital Innovation in Financial Industry

In efforts to indoctrinate as many as possible about the current state of Digital Finance in the context of our country and the journey leading to it, we organized a webinar on the topic “Digital Innovation in Financial Industry” on August 23, 2020. Mr. Diwas Sapkota, the CTO of Nepal’s largest mobile payment network, fonepay, lead the charge as our webinar’s speaker.

More than 85 concurrent participants attended the webinar either through ZOOM or the webinar’s live broadcast on our Facebook page. The webinar was scheduled to have a 90-minute presentation followed by a 30+minute Q&A section. The main objective of the entire session was to give the participants an insight into how digital finance operates, how it’s been impacting our lives, and what one should expect in a career path in FinTech. 

Mr. Sapkota started by shedding some light on the various applications of FinTech and the array of technologies like predictive analysis and artificial intelligence that are at work in all FinTech related applications. He also briefly spoke about the various social impacts of FinTech, especially those that have been a direct outcome of the lockdown due to COVID-19. Mr. Sapkota ended his presentation by talking about the way FinTech companies are moving forward and what newcomers in the field of FinTech should expect in terms of skills and resources FinTech will require in the future. 

After the presentation that lasted well over 90 minutes, the webinar quickly proceeded towards the second half, the Q&A. Many of our participants from both ZOOM as well as our Facebook live broadcast, actively participated in the Q&A. Mr. Sapkota managed to answer all the questions one after another, and the entirety of the Q&A was immensely intriguing and interactive. 

The whole webinar came to a conclusion with the end of the Q&A that lasted more than 30 minutes in total. The entire event was a huge success and proved to be a great learning opportunity for everyone who participated.

Ujjwal Kandel