The Future of Cryptocurrency

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a devastating impact on all the aspects of our lives. However, with everyone adjusting to the work from home environment there has never been a better time to organize virtual workshops and events. Likewise, on July 9,2020, the Prime IT Club in collaboration with eSatya held a virtual seminar on “The Future of Cryptocurrencies”. 

The guest speaker, Mr. Santosh Shrestha, introduced himself at the seminar and slightly discussed the topics to be addressed in the session, and then continued with the seminar. Mr. Shrestha then clarified what cryptocurrency is about, its scale, significance and so on. Different topics such as the medium of exchange for cryptocurrency, store of value in cryptocurrency, and token economy were discussed later in the seminar by providing appropriate examples. Mr. Shrestha generally centralized around what the future of cryptocurrency holds and explained the relation between cryptocurrencies and Covid-19 and about how countries like Nepal could benefit from the use of cryptocurrency.

During the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to raise queries regarding the topics being discussed. All their queries were addressed during the Q/A section by Mr. Shrestha in a convincing manner giving suitable and relatable examples. He also gave suggestions on how the public could defy the government on the ban of cryptocurrency in Nepal. Furthermore, he insisted that instead of blaming the government for not understanding the importance of cryptocurrency, the public should educate them in any possible ways.

Soni Manandhar