Divide the duty, multiply the victory

Prime IT Club is less of a club and more of a family, full of creative, helpful, and talented people. As a family, we never fail to help each other in making progress/improvement. Get to know our team members below and check out their social media.

Executive Members:

Rujen Shrestha
Immediate Past President
Lijaa Manandhar
Immediate Past President
Shrijay Tuladhar
Leeza Baidar
Vice President
Prajesh Man Pradhan
HR Manager
Saugat Sapkota
Human Resource Assistant
Manjeet Shrestha
Event Management Assistant
Ruan Shrestha
Finance & Accounts Assistant
Prakriti Shrestha
External Relationship Director
Supriya Thapa Bhujel
Finance & Accounts Director
Utkrista Tuladhar
Event Management Director
Shayana Shrestha
Marketing Director

General Members:

  • John Thapa
  • Nimesh Shrestha
  • Richa Maharjan
  • Salina Maharjan
  • Subigya Manandhar
  • Sujal Shakya