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Prime IT club is a student-managed club at Prime led by creative and tech enthusiastic students.

Established in 2004, the club organizes different workshops, seminars, training programs, etc.

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Python with AI is a bootcamp workshop under SkillIt V2.0. Here the bootcamp highlights include python and Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Domains of AL/ML, Generative of AI, Project Demonstration. The duration of this bootcamp is 3 weeks, 6 classes and 4 hours a day. 

Prime College, Khusibu
June 8, 2024 07:00 AM - Onwards
Rs. 500


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Supriya Thapa Bhujel


Nimesh Shrestha

Vice President

Niva Maharjan


Jenish Maharjan

Event Management Director

Prashanna bahadur Shrestha

External Relationship Director

Pranab Raj Kc Pandey

Finance Director

Sandesh Basnet

Human Resource Director

Sweta Tara Tuladhar

Marketing Director

Aditika Singh

Event Management Officer

Sagan Krishna Tamrakar

External Relationship Officer

Sujal Chitrakar

Finance officer

Nirjala Shakya

Human Resource Officer

Saugat KC

Marketing Officer


Hear what our members have to say

As Finance Director of our Prime IT club, I've been looking after budgeting, secured external funding, and implemented financial policies for transparency and accountability. It's been a rewarding experience contributing to the success of the club.


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Ruan Shrestha

Finance Director

I am an outspoken individual with the thrive of learning new things and challenging new opportunities. I believe to be an optimist with utmost thrill to live freely.


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Pramila Shrestha


Being a part of the Prime It club has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I have not only gained valuable technical skills, but also interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and communication skills that have helped me excel both in my career and in my personal life. Additionally, the members of the club have become like family to me, offering support and encouragement whenever I need it. I highly recommend Prime It club to anyone who is looking for a supportive and challenging community where they can learn and grow both professionally and personally.


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Nimesh Shrestha

Marketing Head

Joining the club has been an incredibly rewarding decision, offering me personal growth opportunities and connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Through the club, I've developed interpersonal skills, leadership skills and met individuals with unique perspectives and expertise, broadening my horizons. Joining the club is one decision I'll never regret.


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Umang Shakya

Marketing Officer

The club is led by a team of dedicated individuals who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the members get the best possible experience. They organize a range of activities and events that are both educational and fun, including workshops, guest lectures, and networking events.


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Prashanna Bahadur Shrestha

External Relationship Officer