About Us

A dynamic team of
tech-savvy creative weirdos

Prime IT Club is one of the student-run clubs at Prime College. It is managed by a group of creative and tech enthusiastic students. With our objectives in mind, we organize a wide array of sessions, workshops, training programs, and competitions. Ever since our establishment in 2004, we’ve been and are still constantly on the lookout for opportunities to help students in any and every way possible and everything we set out to do is an effort to point students in the right direction.

We bridge the gap
between Academia & Industry

The main objective of our club is to develop the IT skills amongst the students demanded in the current market. For this, we organize different workshops, seminars, and training programs. Some of our recent events/sessions include IT fundamentals, Cisco Networking, Cryptocurrency, Graphics designing, Programming, and Web designing.

Among all these events, the annual ICT Meet-up is a paramount event of our club. The event mainly focuses on bridging the gap between industry and academia where students from different colleges participate. This event creates a platform for IT experts in different fields and organizations to share their ideas, experiences, suggestions, and talk about the current trends/requirements of the job market. This will eventually help the student in their future endeavor. Also, they will get a chance to meet different people/experts in their respective domains to strengthen their networking.

Our Objectives:

  • Facilitate active learning opportunities

  • Provide a platform to members for personal and professional growth

  • Cultivate leadership skills in students

  • Building the bridge between the academia and industry

  • Provide students with a thorough knowledge of the prospect of IT jobs in Nepal

Why join Prime IT Club?

Working in a club, organization, company, or in a project is all about teamwork and coordination. Being a part of Prime IT Club comes with a number of perks and you’ll be exposed to many opportunities. Your participation in the club activities obliquely helps you widen your network with the club’s alumni and experts from different domains. In addition to that, the club also provides you with opportunities to learn and share different skills with the club members. Apart from improving your Teamwork & Networking skills, the club also assists you to boost your Self-Confidence.

Prime IT Club also supports creativity through Creative Hub, which is a wing of Prime IT Club. Creative Hub provides a platform for the students of Prime college to get exposure through their creative works. It publishes blogs, photography, self-composed music, self-choreographed dance, art, stories, poems, and many more works of creativity on its Facebook page.